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The Riders / Kellie Shin

"Catching The Cabana Boy" with Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
42 minutes of video
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Dr. Rideout's wife Kellie Shin is fucking the Cabana boy from the club. She gets caught when the Doc comes home. He is upset at first but then they let bygones be bygones and tag team Ms. Shin even giving her double penetration in her pussy.

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"Stoner Boner" Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
14 minutes of video
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Perseus finds Medusa in side of her chambers in a deep slumber. He has been hunting her for a while now, trying to save the town from her rain of terror. After finding her she awakes he is careful to not look at her but Medusa's eyes connect with his cock turning it to stone. With his hard cock they...

Tags: Asian black hair blasian Bodybuilder
"Queen Cumonalot"
Kellie Shin , Pierce Paris
16 minutes of video
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Queen Cumaloton has been entombed for thousands of years. Her physical form has not been able to pass over to the after life. Lucky for her Dr. Rideout and Dr. Pierce know how to help from the pictographs in the canyons. They tell a story of how and when Queen Cumaloton gets a LOT of DICK she...

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Kellie Shin in "Specimen Cumlection"
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
14 minutes of video
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Nurse Sperma has always admired Dr. Rideout for his expertise. Hoping to collaborate with him on a project, she proposes a unique research idea, albeit with some ulterior motives. Dr. Rideout, sensing something more to her proposal than meets the eye, addresses the situation directly with his cock!...

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Power Fuck With Kellie Shin
Dr. Rideout , Kellie Shin
38 minutes of video
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Brace yourself for an encounter with the formidable Kellie Shin! This electrifying session with Kellie and Dr. Rideout will leave you panting for breath, reaching for a bottle of water, and dialing up your masseuse for a much-needed recuperation. Watch as she audaciously explores Dr. Rideout's intimate...

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