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In the vast and unforgiving sands of the archaeological frontier Las Vegas, an extraordinary revelation unfolded. Two brave and handsome archaeologists Dr. Rideout and his colleague Dr. Pierce, stumbled upon the remains of what seemed to be a queen, her regal presence preserved in the relentless embrace of time. The desert, a silent witness to ages gone by, now beckons these seekers of history to unravel the mysteries surrounding this royal figure. Her burial site holds the key to a narrative locked away for centuries, a tale waiting to be told. As the archaeologists carefully approach the the site. How to awaken this queen from her timeless slumber? The sands that embraced her also guard the secrets of her past. The desert whispers, and the archaeologists listen, determined to awaken a royal presence lost to time's enigmatic grip. Dr. Rideout and Dr. Pierce join together and wake her up in “Queen Cumaloton" Featuring Ms. Kellie Shin releasing this week!

In the exclusive enclave of Hollywood Heights, where affluence was a way of life, there lived a young man known as "B Ride" for his ostentatious lifestyle. He was the offspring of a wealthy businessman, inheriting privilege along with his green Lamborghini, which stood out like a jewel in the opulent neighborhood. B-Ride however, seemed immune to the concept of work or responsibility. His days were a mosaic of leisure and indulgence, leaving chores untouched and obligations unmet and ignoring the requests from his Stepmom. His stepmom, Melissa, a woman of poise and authority, struggled to bridge the gap between her expectations and B-Ride’s carefree existence. The Lamborghini, a symbol of excess, roared to life only to echo the rebellion that simmered within the young man. Disobedience became his trademark, a disruptive energy in the elegant household. In Hollywood Heights, where image mattered as much as wealth, Melissa needed to teach him respect and responsibility. But how could she get his attention? Maybe a little discipline would straighten him out. I mean, he’s just a naughty stepson anyhow, right? Find out, this Friday. Video releasing.

Thank you to everyone who bought Cock Raider!! This was a huge group orgy. We worked hard on planning and creating this masterpiece! Thanks for checking it out and supporting me as well. I am truly fortunate to have such an incredible community of viewers and supporters, and I can't thank you enough for being a part of this journey with me. This group Orgy contains members of Team VP. It is the best group to work with and film with. Our content house has the most talented and sexiest adult porn stars ever. I’m very lucky to be a part of their group. I'm excited to continue producing content that you enjoy with them in the future.

Ever think of having your dick sucked by two hot chicks? Or even imagine of having your dick sucked at the same time as 5 other guys are standing around? Well that is what just happened to me. My first BLOW BANG!! We each creamed on their faces. Took turns exploding our massive loads on Tiffany Nacke and Olivia Vee. Can’t wait for you to see this video. Dark Throat Video drops Friday! Male talent in video is: myself (Dr. Rideout), Randy Denmark, Puerto Rock, Dallas Strokes, Myster Mysterious and Josh Rivers.